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By Ashley Martin – July 6, 2017

After asking William DeYonker if Ascendigo was made for him he replied without hesitation, “It was made for me especially. Made for me, no matter where I am. It’ll always be there for me.”

William grew up in Michigan, and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4. He first found out about Ascendigo through a family friend. Since then, William has been working for our Summer Adventures Camp for the past two years. This year he is taking photos and videos of each of our campers, and creating a short film shown to parents at the end of each week. William first got into film at the early age of 14, making home videos for his family, which later brought him to major in broadcast and cinema arts. At age 15 William discovered pool trick shots through YouTube videos. He was immediately intrigued by the skills required to pull off certain shots. He has now been practicing trick shots for the past 10 years. In the last 3 years, he has traveled the world, competed in more than 15 different tournaments, and has even been on ESPN for his trick shot skills. Currently he is ranked number 1 in the world!

William’s progression in film and pool trick shots makes his place with Ascendigo particularly fitting, as he feels that he can relate to our campers and their progression. When asked why Ascendigo is unique to him, he replied “watching the campers and seeing the positive reinforcement techniques reminds me of my childhood and when I was first diagnosed. Where I am now makes me think about how much I grew. I want to capture some of the best moments, the good times, and positive vibes here at Ascendigo and share this with parents.” One of Ascendigo’s goals is to ensure each and every individual client and camper feels that Ascendigo is Made for Me.


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    We our so proud of our son Will! He has grown into a beautiful, talented, creative and soulful man! He faced his challenges head on, worked incredibly long and hard with seemingly tireless effort. He has been an inspiration to watch develop and a labor of love !

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