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December 2, 2014 To Whom It May Concern, My son, Ben, has attended summer camp with Ascendigo (formerly Extreme Sports Camp) for the past three summers. Our experience has been nothing short of life changing, for Ben and for our family. Ben was nine years old the first time he attended Ascendigo. He went for one week and I had one goal for him…to make it through the week. Ben is verbal and capable of expressing himself, but has struggled with anxiety, sensory issues, motor planning issues, avoidance of new/different foods, and sleep issues. This was his first experience away from home, where most of his needs and “melt-down” triggers could be anticipated in advance. I am not exaggerating when I say I just wanted him to make it through the week. Ben was assigned an amazing counselor who texted me almost daily with pictures and short comments about how he was doing. This was huge in helping to manage MY anxiety. During the week he tried things I would have never dreamed he would try. He ate just fine, slept well, and made friends. My boy bloomed! When we picked him up at the end of the week he had a skip in his step and a smile from ear to ear. He was proud of himself, and completely at ease with the Ascendigo staff and the other campers. When a counselor asked if he would be coming back the next year he commented, “Maybe before that!” The next two summers Ben attended camp for two weeks each summer. We had the same experience with fantastic, competent counselors each year. As Ben was skillfully and compassionately pushed outside his comfort zone during camp, his confidence increased each year exponentially. The experience of successfully conquering his fears, time and time again, has decreased his anxiety dramatically, not just during camp, but also throughout the year. His teachers at school have commented often on the change. The decrease in anxiety has also had huge impacts on our family life. Ben’s sleep issues have completely resolved, and he is much more open to trying new foods. The biggest impact is in his level of general flexibility. Social stories and visual aides used to play a significant role in helping Ben cope with new experiences or changes in his schedule. We do not have to employ any of these things any longer. Ben has developed coping skills to deal with change, disappointment, and challenges in his every day life without the use of external tools. This has led to freedom…for Ben who now has less one-on-one time at school, and new challenging extra curricular activities he has chosen to pursue, and also for our family with more room for spontaneity and adventure. I truly believe these gifts are a direct result of his experiences at Ascendigo. We are so grateful there is a place like Ascendigo where Ben can continue to acquire the skills that will be necessary to live a productive and independent life as an adult. This camp is about SO much more than extreme sports! If you have further questions about our experience, please feel free to contact me directly. Sincerely, Karen Wilkinson karenewilkinson@yahoo.com
Paige’s experience has provided her with true in-depth growth and independence. I have seen her personality sparkle as she excitedly tells me about her activities and sincere friendships. This was not always the case and the first time I picked her up after camp it was I that was speechless because of this newly super excited chatterbox!  It was a fabulous first. There is such a sense of truly belonging – acceptance – fitting in and being a contributing member of the group, especially with the work program.  Paige had such a fear of all animals other than our own pet dog Martha and there she was with such confidence working at the shelter actually walking a dog !  Terry could not believe it. I believe that Paige has developed a sense of self and has learned to be a vocal advocate – for herself and that she understands that she can make many personal choices. She is indeed now a young adult and feels acceptance. Her verbal skills improve every summer.  She indeed talks so much more when she returns! The opportunity to participate in the work program has significantly impacted her ability to continue that path to independence in her day program here as she has learned to be responsible and give it her all. Paige has indeed learned both new soft and hard skills that will only continue to benefit in that challenging quest to have a rich and meaningful life inspire of challenges What is most fulfilling as a parent is to enjoy watching and experiencing her sense if joy each summer.  Her days are filled with meaningful purpose. She is supported by an exceptional staff of well trained, compassionate and dedicated staff that are committed to providing the best possible person-centered experience. Knowing she has these very special friends, Feeling fulfilled and continuing to build her skill set means there is no end to the possibilities and potential for Paige. For that we are so thankful as a family and are humbly grateful to all those with Extreme Sports Camp. Indeed ESC is an exceptional team offering the best of the best, capturing those strengths and abilities – looking far beyond the differences! Cheers! Pat

Seriously, we can’t thank you enough for an amazing 2 weeks. We had a rough March-June with Luke and little sleep, so having that 2 week respite and knowing he was having the time of his life meant so much to both Steve and me, and his two older brothers as well. ESC is a godsend to our family. Not only because Luke is having an authentic, real and amazing experience but he is surrounded by so much energy and passion while he’s there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We can’t wait for him to go back next summer.

Kristina Tober

Hi my name is Nereida Munoz , in November  2013 our son Alex was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, the diagnose was very hard for us, I asked for help for Alex no body help us , when I called Extreme Sports Camp they were very nice with me, they answer all my questions , they gave support to our family with the camp, to our son  it was the best experience in his life, all he would talk was about the camp and the people in there, I don’t have the right words to say thanks to Extreme Sports Camp and all the wonderful staff, they open their doors to a family that was feeling alone with the diagnosis, I feel blessed thanks you so much with all our heart.

Through the efforts of the entire staff at Extreme Sports Camp, I have this opportunity to express that my family and I are very grateful that this program exists. My son, Juan Carlos, “Carlos, has been helped immensely. His physical and mental growth and his behaviors have improved not only within our relationship to him but also in school and in his daily life.  We also are grateful because we have a day of rest. We recognize the huge efforts that everyone contributes within the office to make this happen, and also we recognize the individual skills trainers, the young men and women that extend their hand to these little ones and dedicate their time, efforts and dedication. Thank you for the daily fight and for all the love that you give him. Carlos will continue to grow and mature because you are there. With much endearment, gratitude and huge acknowledgement, Mom and Dad to Carlos Diaz.

Additional Letters


Extreme Sports Camp/Ascendigo has become the greatest job I have ever had for many reasons. First and foremost ESC is ingenious because it has shown me another side to humanity. Never before have I had the opportunity to work with individuals who are so driven, empathetic, genuine and courageous. The atmosphere at ESC is so encouraging, respectful, professional and fulfilling. The children and adults who attend and work at this camp have touched my life in one way or another. It has encouraged me to not only improve myself but also work effectively with individuals from very different backgrounds and points of view. ESC has truly changed myself as an individual and thereby changed my life for the better and I pray that they have me back for another fun filled summer in Colorado!!


Extreme Sports Camp/Ascendigo was beyond any experience I could have imagined. It opened my eyes to the beauty of people, it redefined success and it challenged me in some of the best ways possible. It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life.


I'd say Extreme Sports Camp/Ascendigo changed the way I view autism because I went from studying ASD in books to actually working with individuals from all walks of life on the spectrum. I also never imagined working with adults with autism, and it basically opened my eyes to the supports needed beyond public school.  I feel like Extreme Sports Camp/Ascendigo brings people together who are aiming for the same goals, to get out in the community, to try new things, and to push themselves past their comfort zone. I definitely learned that there are multiple levels of achieving goals, and to set the bar high while considering the individual and their needs.


ESC/Ascendigo has had a huge impact on my life. I am always so impressed with the abilities of the participants and I cannot think of a greater joy than watching a participant overcome a challenge and experience success. My 2 summers at ESC have helped me realize my passion for people with autism and as an occupational therapy student I hope to continue to work with people on the spectrum and help them experience success and independence.


I love Extreme Sports Camp! It makes me strong, happy and good. It makes me a really good athlete and adult! I wakeboard behind the boat and have fun! I sell my t-shirts at the Farmer's market and make money to buy books and ice cream!


My son Stefan loves the extreme sports camp.  This was his 3rd summer at the camp and he went again for 2 weeks this year.  I am just totally amazed how he is standing up on a board far behind the boat with confidence and strength I never knew he had.  I think water skiing may be next!  On the river, he loves kayaking and seeking out the "big waves".

He has mastered many skills of the activities, but more importantly has mastered control with emotions and adaptability I never thought I would see. When he came home you could see the confidence he gained during the camp and he talks of the many people he met for the week.  This camp has been a life saver for us and we look forward to next year and maybe some more horse back riding! Thanks for the awesome experience for both Stefan and us, his family and the wonderful, caring and fun staff.


At first I was reluctant to attend Ascendigo. The reason was my inital lack of enthusiasm and my nervousness at being away from home and with strangers.  I thought I'd just be wasting my time, no real involvement.  The exact opposite happened; I thought it would never be.  When departure time rolled around, I was unhappy and it probably showed what I like most was not the sports, but the counselors and staff.  I cannot give them enough credit for the positive energy and respect they showed.  I had some good laughs too, and they pushed me beyond what I thought possible of myself.  In short, I had a fabulous experience at Ascendigo. Would I do it again? Absolutely!  It was too fun not to.


Our son Harmon attended Ascendigo Summer Camp session #5 the week of July 20-24, 2015. One of our main goals in sending him to Ascendigo's camp was to help him become more independent. Harm enjoyed meeting new friends, he loved tubing on the boats and even received a “Tube-A-Saurus" Award at the end of camp. He led a hike up and down the mountain and did a wonderful job and he really enjoyed horse-back riding on Zeus, (a very friendly horse). Harmon was put in situations that were out of his comfort zone, but he conquered each situation and was able to think things through without getting upset. He has since started school and decided to go out for Cross Country running. He is showing a greater independence over the past three weeks and we only hope it continues to help him become a great young man. As parents we thank those that make the scholarship program possible. Ascendigo's camps really push these children and make them realize that anything is possible! God Bless!

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