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With our programs people with ASD can perform athletics at a high level with our specialized approach, leveraging strengths and are intrinsically motivating – like kayaking and skiing!
Ascendigo utilizes the latest techniques in autism and has developed many cutting edge approaches of its own. We offer advanced, rigorous and age-appropriate physical activities which truly challenge our participants, providing a rewarding and successful experience.

Learning a sport is best accomplished through sustained and repeated immersion, coupled with the expectation that each camper can reach his or her next level. We concentrate our activities into core sports to enable proficiency.

Summer Programs

Ascendigo offers a fun, rewarding and challenging summer camp that will push your child to succeed in the area(s) that he or she chooses. Ascendigo has the special ability to work with all levels of ability and functioning. Our staff are experienced in working with individuals with autism all across the spectrum. We have proven that people with autism can succeed at extreme sports and deserve the opportunity.

Winter Programs

Ascendigo winter day camp program takes place at Snowmass Mountain, one of the country’s premier family ski resorts. Each session is a week long, and campers have a choice of learning skiing or snowboarding from pros who are specialists in teaching across the autism spectrum. Instruction is built around positive reinforcement methods which we believe are effective at teaching kids and young adults with ASD at any skill level.


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