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Winter Adventures 2014-2015 Descriptions

Autism Skis!

At Autism Skis! Winter Adventures, we enjoy 5 days of skiing and snowboarding at Snowmass, Colorado, one of the world’s premier family-friendly ski resorts just a few miles outside of Aspen.

Autism Skis!: 5-Day Winter Adventures Includes:
  • 5-day on-mountain skiing/snowboarding*
  • One-to-one private lesson with an Aspen Skiing Company professional specializing in teaching persons across the autism spectrum
  • Additional support from ski buddies will also be provided throughout the day
  • Ski/Snowboard equipment (skis or board, boots, poles, helmet)
  • Lift tickets
  • Lunch and daytime snacks for participant Monday-Friday
  • Breakfast for participant and one (1) guest (e.g. parent, aide) at Monday Meet and Greet
  • Friday awards ceremony for participant and one (1) guest with light appetizers and beverages.  Additional guests are welcome at the breakfast and Friday awards for an additional cost.

*Severe weather and camper sickness may necessitate substitute activities.

Autism Skis!for more information and pricing.


The private lesson option pairs participants with Aspen Skiing Company instructors trained in working with persons with autism. Because it is a 1:1 program, private lessons allow for greater flexibility and convenience for participants than the camp program while still providing them the same quality ski/ snowboard instruction.

Private Lessons


Families that want their students to enjoy a lesson with an Aspen Ski Company professional instructor while developing their social skills in a mainstream environment can request to sign-up for our buddy-supported group lessons. Supervised by an Ascendigo buddy, enrolled students will participate in one of Aspen Skiing Company’s group lessons alongside neuro-typical learners of the same age group and skill level.  The buddy-supported group lessons package includes assistance from an Ascendigo buddy throughout the day.
Group Lessons


Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club is a local Aspen Valley institution that for generations has taught skiing and snowboarding to youth and teenagers throughout the community. Ascendigo is proud to have recently become part of that tradition, and during our winter session we’ll be offering buddy support for up to 12 participants who want to experience the first-rate instruction AVSC has been offering for decades. Activities include in-depth training, skier safety, and gate racing! Participants have the option of skiing/ snowboarding on either Snowmass or at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen.


Scholarships Available- Apply Now

Scholarship applications don't have to be submitted at the same time that you register- the earlier we receive them, the better!

If your child lives in the local area (between Aspen and Parachute) and you want to enter him or her into the camp for respite reason, you may be qualified for assistance from The Valley Autism Assistance Fund. This provides monetary support to local families with members on the autism spectrum.

External scholarships are available as well.  Autism Care and Treatment Today offers scholarships to families, with priority going to military families and families with more than one child affected with autism.

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