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The Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC) is a Roaring Fork Valley institution that has for decades provided ski and snowboard instruction to young people throughout the community. In 2013, Ascendigo initiated a partnership with AVSC to expand its services to local youth with autism.  For winter 2015/16, we have expanded our program to accommodate more of the local autism population.

Ascendigo will provide a ‘buddy’, or aid versed in autism teaching methods and behavior management, at no additional cost to the family, to accompany the child during regular AVSC ski classes, giving them the extra support and guidance they need.

Ascendigo’s goals are to:

  1. Successfully integrate children with autism into mainstream ski and snowboard classes with their peers,
  2. Encourage socialization, and
  3. Raise awareness and understanding of autism in the community.

First, sign up to the program through AVSC.  You may also apply for scholarships through AVSC. Then, register for buddy support through the Ascendigo website – select the AVSC Session.

*Please note: because the buddy-supported group lessons are in a mainstream environment, ESC approval is required for program eligibility. AVSC reserves the right to dismiss campers from their groups in the event of disruptive behavior.

Visit the AVSC website for information regarding discounted lift passes and equipment rentals.

Please contact Matt McCabe at Ascendigo with any questions at (970) 927-3143

For more information on AVSC and AVSC scholarships, visit www.teamavsc.org

Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club

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