Full-time Staff
Life Enrichment Staff

Life Enrichment Staff

Scott Schlichter – Enrichment Director

Larysa Miller – Clinical Manager

Brie Millspaugh – Behavior Technician

Mark Zoller – Behavior Technician

Matt Myers – Behavior Technician

Ben Hirsch – Behavior Technician

Lindsee Wies – Behavior Technician

Autism Experience

Autism Experience

Diane Osaki, OT – Consultant to Ascendigo

Deeply involved in the shaping and development of our programs, Diane has played an integral role in our success.  Year to year, she has helped to continually improve our program quality which makes the experience and benefits for the kids who attend the Ascendigo the best they can be.  Diane is personally involved in our training each season and provides valuable on-site direction and guidance for our entire staff.  She attends periodically during the summer and winter programs to provide guidance and training throughout our programs.

Diane Osaki is the Early Start Denver Model Director of Firefly Autism. She was the founder and executive director of the center – originally known as the Aspen Center for Autism – in 2003, and served on the board from 2007 to 2010. She is a pediatric occupational therapist and has been working with people with developmental disabilities for nearly 20 years, specializing in treatment for children with autism and their families. Prior to opening what was then the Aspen Center for Autism, Diane was with JFK Partners at the University of Colorado Health Services. Diane is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis, the Autism Society of America, and the American Occupational Therapy Association. She was also on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Chapter of the Autism Society of America. Diane provides educational and behavior consultation to families and schools in Colorado and around the world. Her intervention focuses on building positive relationships and the science of instruction to improve learning in all areas of development.

Carrie Scott, M.Ed, BCBA – Senior Consultant

Carrie is also a founding member of Thrive Autism Collaborative in Denver. Carrie is a board certified behavior analyst who holds a masters degree in special education with specialization in applied behavior analysis. Carrie has served children and adolescents with autism and their families for over 15 years. She has worked in both home and center-based settings, using evidence-based intervention and a developmental approach to provide meaningful, effective treatment. Carrie values intervention that is engaging, naturalistic, incorporates the strengths and interests of the individual and promotes generalization. She is pursing certification in Early Start Denver Model to provide direct delivery (ESDM, Rogers, et al.). Carrie has served learners across a variety of ages and skill levels, including those with severe challenging behavior and multiple diagnoses. Carrie has also worked extensively in the areas of program development and professional development, training, and supervision for staff and those pursing certification as behavior analysts (or associate behavior analysts).

Outside of her work in the autism community, Carrie enjoys the outdoors, particularly, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, and spending time with her baby boy, husband, and energetic pup!

Jessica McAllister – Outreach Coordinator

Full-Time Staff

Peter Bell- President & CEO

Maureen Muller – Business Manager

Mitch West- Bookkeeper

Ashley Martin- Marketing & Events Coordinator

Ron Rash – Adventures Director

Matt McCabe – Assistant Adventures Director

Conlan McGough- Adventures Coordinator

Joseph Breiling- Lake Director

Sydney Horwitz- Ranch Manager

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