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Our Winter Adventure programs are on-mountain ski and snowboard programs for individuals on the Autism Spectrum ages 7+

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Ascendigo provides opportunities for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to experience the more advanced, age-appropriate activities that truly challenge them.

Ascendigo’s Philosophy

Unlike their neuro-typical peers, individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have few opportunities to experience the more advanced, age-appropriate activities that truly challenge them. Ascendigo provides this opportunity along with the underlying instructional approach to experience it fully.

Ascendigo believes that learning any skill, whether life skills, social skills, or sport specific skills, is best accomplished through sustained and repeated immersion, coupled with the expectation that the participant can in fact progress to the next level. All of our programs provide our ASD participants the perfect environment to master new skills through incremental, repetitive, supportive learning opportunities. The activity itself provides an intrinsic motivation to learn and work, while the Ascendigo staff provide the specialized instruction to enable the participant to succeed.


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Ascendigo offers rewarding and challenging summer, winter, and weekend camps with positive, autism-friendly supports so your child can succeed and have fun.

Life Enrichment

Improve Basic Life Skills! Adult Participants improve their social, vocational, daily living and athletic skills with Ascendigo’s trademark 1:1 support.


For children with autism and related conditions, Ascendigo provides in-home behavioral therapy and school consultations by BCBAs, OTs, BCBA-candidates, and Registered Behavior Technicians. We use Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions, incorporating the principles of the Early Start Denver Model, positive behavioral supports, pivotal response training, and applied behavioral analysis.

If your child’s world is just a classroom and endless therapies, he or she will miss out on the range of experiences that foster a well-adjusted adult with a developed self-identity. Sometimes we get so focused on academics, behaviors or speech that we forget our children are people who have an inner life and need diverse experiences just like anyone else.

~ Sallie Bernard, Founder


Support us at our signature event February 18th, 2017
An evening of delectable food, wine & spirits at the Belly Up with special guests and all star entertainment!

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