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Our mission is to serve local, regional and national populations of youth and adults across the autism spectrum through experiential, community-based learning opportunities to enhance their health, personal growth and social engagement.

Ascendigo – Made for Me

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Ascendigo offers rewarding and challenging summer, winter, and weekend camps with positive, autism-friendly supports so your child can succeed and have fun.

Life Enrichment

Improve basic life skills! Adult participants improve their social, vocational, daily living and athletic skills with Ascendigo’s trademark 1:1 support.


For children with autism and related conditions, Ascendigo provides in-home behavioral therapy and school consultations by BCBAs, OTs, BCBA-candidates, and Registered Behavior Technicians.

If your child’s world is just a classroom and endless therapies, he or she will miss out on the range of experiences that foster a well-adjusted adult with a developed self-identity. Sometimes we get so focused on academics, behaviors or speech that we forget our children are people who have an inner life and need diverse experiences just like anyone else.

~ Sallie Bernard, Founder


Enjoy a rewarding position working with
individuals on the autism spectrum

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