Ascendigo provides residential supports and services in Carbondale, CO to enable people on the autism spectrum to take full advantage of the Colorado Rocky Mountain lifestyle. We provide a comprehensive services portfolio for people to live in privately owned or rented residences. Our services include:

  • Home visit and assessment at your residence and/or current program (we travel) to determine your residential needs
  • Assessment and treatment plan
  • Strategic coordination with entire life team (family, teachers, consultants, therapists, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the family to navigate funding sources available in the state of Colorado
  • Ongoing support and services including:
    • Companionship, fellowship, and protection
    • Activities of daily living
    • Instrumentals of daily living (arranging medical care, meal preparation, med admin, etc.)
    • Behavioral supports
    • Coordinated care with preferred day program provider, family, or other support
    • Staffing
    • Community and social engagement
    • Transportation and travel
    • Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) creation and implementation
    • Detailed data recording
  • Property Management including annual budget, insurance, provision of supplies, furnishings, and maintenance

For additional information on our residential program, please contact Dan Richardson at


Enjoy a rewarding position working with
individuals on the autism spectrum

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