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Ascendigo enrichment wheelImprove basic life skills! Adult participants improve their social, vocational, daily living and athletic skills with Ascendigo’s trademark 1:1 support.

Our Life Enrichment program is an outgrowth of Ascendigo Adventures and retains the core philosophy of holistic, active, community-based, person-centered opportunities for those across the autism spectrum. Our comprehensive year-round program opened November 2014 and offers programs for adults 18 years and up, who want to experience life, not just prepare for it. The participants are encouraged and learn to live full, productive lives. We focus on each individual’s needs and strengths, rather than building a program for a large group. We work with all levels of ability within the autism spectrum and related developmental disabilities. Our holistic approach encompasses social, vocational, athletic and daily independent living skills, and vocational for those who are striving for independence, growth and self-sufficiency. We focus on creating and enabling a fulfilling, meaningful and productive life within the community. We use a team approach, with the client and family as the guides. Ascendigo utilizes specialists and natural supports in the areas of employment, recreation and sports, health and wellness, social/relationships, learning, creative outlets, community navigation and functional daily living skills. We partner with local organizations and businesses for support and opportunities.

Ascendigo sits down with each client and family to pull together a multidisciplinary team based on preference, strengths, personal goals, observation, assessment and family values. Goals are developed and monitored regularly to ensure progress and success. These goals are provided regularly to family members throughout the journey with Ascendigo. Ascendigo uses empirical assessments and evaluations to gather needed information before specific client programming begins and uses best-practice data collection to track and monitor goals, success and areas of improvement.


The Employment mission is to provide a wide range of competitive employment and job-training opportunities to maximize strength, skills and interests for persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or related conditions who are striving for independence, growth and self-sufficiency. We embrace collaboration, innovative approaches and effective resource management to help participants achieve success and growth throughout the program. Using evidence-based practices, our employment program is progressive and comprehensive to ensure growth and success for all involved. The specialized approach helps ensure the participant and the employer will be a successful match. With a client-centered process that builds upon each participant’s unique set of skills and interests, this program offers the ability to place the participant in a competitive and meaningful employment opportunity.

Presently, our clients have partnered with the nonprofit, entrepreneurial ranch and farm, Sustainable Settings, to start their own small organic farm. Clients are also making use of their many talents by selling their art which has been screen-printed on T-shirts at the local farmer’s markets.  Ascendigo has partnered with over 10 local businesses and organizations to provide successful internships and work experiences. These businesses and organizations include:

  • Aloha Cyclery
  • Carbondale Coop
  • Carbondale Farmer’s market
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Heritage Park Senior Center
  • KDNK
  • Phat Thai Restaurant
  • Sopris Crossfit
  • Sustainable Settings
  • Town

We want to thank all the above businesses and organizations for working with us and providing invaluable opportunities for our clients!

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