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For children with autism and related conditions, Ascendigo provides in-home behavioral therapy and school consultations by BCBAs, OTs, BCBA-candidates, and Registered Behavior Technicians. We use Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions, incorporating the principles of the Early Start Denver Model, positive behavioral supports, pivotal response training, and applied behavioral analysis.

Who Are We?

  • Serving families in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, from Aspen to Rifle.
  • Intensive therapy for children up to age 20 with autism and related disorders who would benefit from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approaches.
  • Using Naturalistic Developmental Behavior Interventions, which are ABA methods incorporating the principles of the Early Start Denver Model, positive behavioral supports and Pivotal Response Training.
  • Providing support in homes, daycare, schools, our center or in community settings.

Why ABA?

Intensive ABA services can be expensive and time consuming, but well worth it. Early intensive interventions based on the methods used at Ascendigo can alter the trajectory of the brain and social, language and cognitive development in children with autism. ABA therapy uses scientifically validated techniques to create useful skills and positive behavior change, resulting in better outcomes in most children with autism. Function can be improved when therapy is given at any age, from early childhood through adulthood. Experts say that the earlier intervention begins, the better the outcome. Intensive therapy for children is generally defined as 20-40 hours per week, and can be delivered in the home, at school or in the community.

  For more information about ABA therapies and autism, see:

Our Team

Our Outreach professionals are dedicated to helping children with social, communication, behavioral and cognitive challenges grow, learn skills, and succeed. Our goal is for our clients to fully participate in family, school and community life.

Our Outreach team is led by senior consultants from Thrive Autism Collaborative in Denver, who travel to Ascendigo monthly to supervise our therapists and see our clients. Thrive consultants include Diane Osaki, OTR and certified trainer in the Early Start Denver Model, and Carrie Scott, M.Ed., BCBA.

Lead Therapist Jessica McAllister, M.Ed. and BCBA-candidate, oversees the daily operations of the Outreach group. Our behavior therapists are 4 year college graduates in relevant fields and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).

See the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website for the qualifications of a BCBA and RBT:


Our Outreach team works with parents to develop and implement an ABA-based therapeutic plan individualized to the child and the family’s needs.

Initial Contact – If you are interested in our Outreach services, the first step is to contact our Outreach Manager Jessica McAllister at or 970-456-5188. She will get basic information from you and explain the intake process. If Ascendigo services might be mutually beneficial, a more in-depth in-take process will be completed.

Assessment – Your senior consultant needs to get to know your child and your priorities in order to create a treatment plan. The consultant will conduct a formal assessment. If your child needs a diagnosis, for insurance or other purposes, this will be part of the assessment phase. Ascendigo works with qualified professionals who can diagnose autism or other behavioral or developmental conditions.

Treatment Plan Development – From the assessment and in-take information, your senior consultant writes the treatment goals. Examples of goals might be enhancing play or language skills, reducing a problem behavior and replacing it with an appropriate behavior, or anxiety self-regulation  From the goals, the Outreach team will create an individualized treatment plan. This plan is the guide for ongoing therapy. The treatment plan includes the goals, the specific objectives to meet the goals, teaching techniques and strategies, settings for therapy (home, center, school, community), schedule and frequency (or intensity/dose) of the sessions, and the behavioral team which implements the plan.

On-Going Therapy – After first building a relationship with your child and understanding his or her motivations, learning styles and preferences, trained therapists will implement the plan in 1:1 sessions with the child. During the sessions they take data in each goal area on progress and other observations. The therapists work under the supervision of the senior consultant and the Outreach Manager. Besides working with the child, the plan might entail teaching ABA approaches to others who interact with your child, such as family members, teachers, peers, and coaches.

Progress Monitoring & Adjustments – The data collected during therapy sessions is used by the senior consultants to continually assess your child’s progress and modify the therapy accordingly. The senior therapists also directly observe and work with your child on a regular basis. The therapy team including parents meets regularly to discuss progress, plan revisions, and any changes to the child’s or family’s circumstances which might require plan adjustments.

Payment & Costs

Assessment and diagnosis for children is a covered benefit in most health insurance plans when a medical professional has indicated a suspicion of developmental delay. Behavior therapies delivered by qualified professionals are a covered benefit in most health insurance plans for an autism diagnosis. Behavior therapy is a service offered through Medicaid waivers for children with an autism diagnosis in Colorado. Ascendigo is a Program Approved Service Agency by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for waiver purposes. Ascendigo will work with families to help obtain health insurance authorizations and submit invoices for reimbursements for health insurance and waivers. Ascendigo accepts private pay for Outreach services as well.

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