Our Team



  • Matt McCabe Adventures Co-Director
  • Joseph Breiling Adventures Co-Director
  • Conlan McGough
    Conlan McGough Adventures Program Manager
  • Sydney Horwitz
    Sydney Horwitz Ranch Manager
  • Bob Barnes
    Bob Barnes Sports Curriculum Project Manager
  • Emily Geraci
    Emily Geraci Adventures Program Administrator

Life Enrichment

  • Alexis Drane
    Alexis Drane Life Enrichment Clinical Manager
  • Sarah Stamper
    Sarah Stamper Life Enrichment Program Manager
  • Richard Beutner
    Richard Beutner Vocational Manager
  • Allison Goryl
    Allison Goryl Adult Comprehensive Experience (ACE) Coordinator
  • Jake Doorn
    Jake Doorn Skills Trainer
  • Jon Manuell
    Jon Manuell Skills Trainer
  • Bre Millspaugh
    Bre Millspaugh Skills Trainer
  • Devi Sprague
    Devi Sprague Skills Trainer
  • Kelsey Shanklin
    Kelsey Shanklin Skills Trainer


  • Jessica McAllister Outreach Director
  • Chris Margaritis
    Chris Margaritis Outreach Clinical Manager
  • Fallon Nickelsen
    Fallon Nickelsen Behavior Technician
  • Maddie Scott
    Maddie Scott Behavior Technician


  • Matt Selig
    Matt Selig Residential Manager
  • Suzy Holthaus
    Suzy Holthaus Residential Supervisor
  • Brenda Rivera
    Brenda Rivera Residential Supervisor
  • Jon Rivera
    Jon Rivera Residential Supervisor
  • Ryan Boudreau
    Ryan Boudreau Home Services Professional
  • Deborah Macsalka
    Deborah Macsalka Home Services Professional
  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas Home Services Professional

Winter is here!

Meet us on the mountain for an experience of a lifetime!
Skiing or Snowboarding for individuals on the autism spectrum, ages 7 +

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